MC-02 RD / MC-02 BE / MC-02 BR
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The long strokes and airbags in the leg area provide a thorough massage,
from the shoulder to the lower back, and down to the legs.
Too comfortable for a chair, you can relax both physically and mentally.

Reclining position adjustable up to 158°

A chair fits your body perfect, gives you a sense of “floating “
Experience the sensation of being massaged in your sleep!

Foot Massage

Added a leg massage with airbags.
Revolving cover makes it look neat when not in use.

Waist Massage

Your body is firmly tucked on both sides by the airbags positioned around your buttocks.
A relaxing massage loosens your whole body thanks to the movements of the massage balls and airbags.
Select your preferred mode on the remote panel conveniently located at your hand.


3 types of automatic courses

Select your preference from “kneading”, “tapping ” or “shiatsu” courses. Fix massage balls in a specified position by pressing on the pinpoint button.


    Full body course
    Shoulders→back→lower back→buttocks massage

    ① Tapping and kneading movements in the back and the lower back
    ② Tapping, kneading and shiatsu movements in the back, lower back and buttocks
    ①② On repeat (LED lit in blue)


    Upper body course
    Shoulders→back massage

    ① Tapping and kneading movements in the shoulders and back
    ② Tapping, kneading and shiatsu movements in the shoulders and back
    ①② On repeat (LED flashes quickly in blue)


    Lower body course
    Lower back→buttocks massage

    ① Tapping and kneading movements in the lower back and buttocks
    ② Tapping, kneading and shiatsu movements in the lower back and buttocks
    ①② On repeat (LED flashes in blue)

  • Pinpoint button

    Pressing this button during automatic course,
    massage balls are fixed in the position, and the massage continues in pinpoint mode.
    * Please refrain from using for more than 5 minutes in the same area.

Width necessary for delivery: Approx. 70cm

Minimum requirements for deployment: width: 65.5mm X depth: 1,300mm

図 図

* Please leave a space between the wall and the chair when deploying by a window side.
(10cm or more for back reclining and leg space, and 5cm or more for the arm rests)


Product name
Model No.
Red:MC-02 RD
Beige:MC-02 BE
Brown:MC-02 BR
JAN code
Red: (MC-02 RD):4580657300082
Beige: (MC-02 BE):4580657300075
Brown: (MC-02 BR):4580657300068
Suggested retail price
¥128,000 (tax included)
Of which, consumption tax ¥11,636 (10%)
General name
Household electric massager
Medical device type
Controlled medical device
Medical device certification number
Power supply
AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power consumption
Approx. 15 min.
W 655 × H 1,120 × D 1,000 mm (with backrest upright)
to W 655 × H 775 × D 1,284 mm (with reclined)
Approx. 37 kg
ABS, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride
Power cord, instruction manual (with warranty)
Load capacity
Approx. 120 kg
Operating environment temperature and humidity
+10°C to +40°C, 30 to 85% RH
Storage environment temperature and humidity
0°C to +40°C, 10 to 85% RH
Count of keading
Soft : Approx 26 times/min
Strong : Approx 33 times/min
count of tappping
Approx. 528 times / min. *No strong/soft option
massage speed
Approx. 1.58 cm / sec.
Kneading range
Horizontally: approx. 20 cm
Vertically: approx. 7.5 cm
Range of motion of the massage balls
Approx. 1.05 meter.
Reclining angle
Initial operataion : 128 degrees
Reclined : 158 degrees
Air pressure
Lower back area (gentle) 30kPa/(strong) 38kPa
Leg area (gentle) 16kPa/(strong) 18kPa
Power cord length
Approx. 2m
Maximum Power Consumption
60W (at load)
Actual color of the product may differ depending on your device or computer setup.
Product specs and design are subject to change without notice for the purpose of improving performance and functionality.
¥128,000 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥11,636(10%)