We develop products and usage programs with specialists such as sports doctors, trainers and physiotherapists.

Medical partner

  • Takashi Uemura

    D.C. , I.C.C.S.P. ,
    (Palmer University graduate)

    United States Certified Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) International Sports Chiropractic Association Certified Sports Chiropractic Specialist (ICCSP)

    Chiropractic birthplace Davenport, Iowa Graduated from Palmer University. While working for a clinic in California, she supported Olympic athletes. After a trainer contract with a soccer team, he worked at hospitals in Singapore and Shanghai, China. Currently, we have partnered with university doctors at a clinic for those suffering from back pain and post-operative pain from top athletes to children and elderly people at Suidobashi. It is carried out.

  • Tomonori Kawai

    D.C. , M.S. , I.C.S.S.P. , C.C.S.P. ,

    USA Certified Doctor of Chiropractic Sports Science, Rehabilitation Master Certified Sports Chiropractic Specialist Doctor of Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine (Sports Medicine)

    After graduating from a university or vocational school, worked as a sports trainer and practitioner in Japan and traveled to the United States to pursue sports medical science. After graduating from Chiropractic University, he worked at a chiropractic clinic in California and worked on medical support for the San Jose State University Judo team and sports event support such as martial arts competitions. Currently, he conducts clinical practice in Akasaka mainly for top athletes such as professional baseball players and J-Leaguers. He is also enrolled in the medical school of a university and engages in sports medicine research focusing on musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders.

  • Daisuke Fukuhara

    physical therapist

    Medical Corporation Kokankai Nippon Kokan Hospital Department of Rehabilitation Technology Showa University Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry (Doctoral Course) Association members

    After gaining national qualification as a physiotherapist through a physiotherapist training school, he was engaged in rehabilitation of professional athletes under a former team doctor of J League Youth. He has also focused on preventive and community medicine for the elderly, such as on-site rehabilitation and community health promotion exercise classes. Currently, in addition to the above-mentioned doctors, he is also conducting clinical practice at the front line of sports medicine at Nippon Kokan Hospital with the former Soccer Olympics Japan National Team Team Doctor and the Japan National Baseball Team Doctor.

Official trainer

  • Take Daiguji

    Performance Improvement Specialist

    Top trainers who perform performance improvement and weight management such as professional baseball players, world-class professional fighters, magazine models, and gravure talent. He excels in teaching that arranges his know-how for the general public.

  • Mayo Kamimura

    Personal trainer

    Change from esthetician to trainer for ultimate health and beauty. Instructs a wide range of models, gravure idol style creation, anti-aging for general women, and diet.

  • He has studied sports medicine and rehabilitation science at an acute care hospital for eight years, and currently provides conditioning / training and rehabilitation for professionals to general people for 15 years. On the other hand, he proposes and works on his own “body maintenance law” in magazines and radio. He is in charge of top athletes in various sports, from professional baseball players to K-1 top fighters, professional golfers, and professional soccer players.

  • Yuji Kojima

    Representative of Cell Vista Co., Ltd. / One and only S & C expert

    Developed “Stick Size” as Japan’s first senior health training. Representative and trainer at a medical fitness gym opened in Sugamo, Toshima-ku in January 2019. Live a competitive life of 15 years with the goal of winning medals at the Olympics. He raised both the arts and sports as an athlete, and in the Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Nihon University, studied exercise physiology, deepened his research on mitochondria and enzymes, and published a paper on “How to recover from fatigue after high-intensity exercise”. In 2015, he went to France to learn how to train and teach the world’s top athletes and teams as a member of a club team. After returning to Japan in 2016, acquired international license NSCA / CSCS. Belongs to the Ehime Prefectural Competitiveness Improvement Measure Section and, as a leader and player, achieves the 7th place prize in the Ehime National Sports Festival for the first time in the prefecture. Retired in February 2017, moved to Tokyo to start developing the developed stick size as a business.



    National Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor

    After studying in New York, opened the yoga studio “SPORT YOGA” in Morinomiya, Osaka. He teaches many athletes and people who enjoy sports.