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MS-04 RD / MS-04 BR / MS-04 BK
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Neck and waist stiffness, Do you have any problems
for those who are tired?

  • The massage chair is too big to fit the room
  • Massage chair is expensive and out of hand
  • I was thinking of buying a new MASSAGE SEAT at home
For those who are unhappy with traditional massage tools. 3D MASSAGE SEAT is recommended.

The fir function is improved by adopting an arm type unit equivalent to a large massage chair,
Equipped with the long-awaited tapping function.
Of “fir” + “slap”
Experience the W massage effect.

By adding a heater function, you can massage well while warming your body.

By adding a heater function to the kneading balls, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable, just like the warmth of a shiatsu hand. In addition to relaxing muscle stiffness, you can experience a massage with your favorite combination.

The color of LED rice balls has changed.

A fir ball with LED that shines gently. You can see the movements and functions of rice balls at a glance, just like “moving illumination”.

Heater function ON… The fir tree is lit red.
Heater function OFF… The fir tree is lit in blue.

Realized light weight and miniaturization with 5.2 kg of body weight,
It is easy to carry around and you can easily massage in various places and scenes.

  • HOME

    It is recommended to use it on a chair in a dining room or Japanese-style room as well as a sofa at home

  • DESK

    Installed on a desk chair in the office, comfortably massages the shoulders and back tired from computer work.

  • CAR

    Install it in the back seat of the car and massage during a driving break. Long drive can be spent comfortably.

    ※Car adapter is not included. Use a dedicated adapter and use it in a 100V AC power environment.
    ※Do not use while driving or moving.

Non-slip processing improves stability.

Anti-slip treatment on back and seat.
By installing it with a fixed band, it can be used with various types of chairs.

Using leather-like material,
A more luxurious design.

By adopting a high-quality leather-like material that is also used for sofas and applying a shape line to the switching part between the mesh and the ground, the design is more compact and more stylish.

This product is a managed medical device.

Purpose of use or effect

Anma, a substitute for massage. Use at home.

  • ・Fatigue recovery
  • ・Improve blood circulation
  • ・Relieve muscle fatigue
  • ・Relieve muscle stiffness
  • ・Relief of neuralgia / muscle pain


Sales name
Deep Red: MS-04 RD
Brown: MS-04 BR
Black: MS-04 BK
JAN code
Deep Red (MS-04 RD): 4580235559642
Brown (MS-04 BR): 4580235559635
Black (MS-04 BK): 4580235559628
Suggested retail price
¥ 29,800 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥ 2,709 (10%)
Common name
Home electric massager
Types of medical equipment
Managed medical equipment
Medical device certification number
Power supply
AC100V 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption
Approximately 45.5W (heater only 7W)
power consumption
Approx. 28 W (no load)
About 10 minutes
Width 420 × height 1,112 × depth 155mm (excluding fir ball)
Approximately 5.2kg (main unit only)
raw materials
ABS, POM, polypropylene, polyurethane, PU, ​​sponge
Buffer sheet, headrest, AC adapter, power cord, instruction manual (with warranty)
Surface temperature when using heater
The back: Approximately 30 degrees Celsius Seat surface: Approximately 38 degrees Celsius
Operating environment temperature and humidity
+10℃~+40℃ 30~85%RH
Storage environment temperature and humidity
0℃~+40℃ 10~85%RH
Number of fir
About 30 times / min
Number of taps
1,100 times / minute
The moving speed of the rice balls
1.71cm / sec

¥29,800 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥ 2,709 (10%)