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Supports self-stretching with powerful vibrations that unravel the body

Workout, diet, exercise…
Recommended for the following people !

  • No time to workout
  • Perform better in sport.
  • Self-conditioning easily.
“STRETCH ROLL S” is recommended !

The new generation of “Vibration” for self-stretching

A stretching support tool that stimulates muscles with up to 4,000 ultra-fine vibrations per minute to increase stretching efficiency, with four vibration levels (2,100, 3,000, 3,500, and 4,000 vibrations per minute) to help you stretching more efficiently. The powerful vibrations of the STRETCH ROLL S will lead to a beautiful and supple body.

Support ability recognized by top athletes.

“As a professional athlete, it is very important to maintain the physical control for performing at peak level all the time, and daily conditioning is essential. STRETCH ROLL S is absolutely one of indispensable items for me as it effectively supports my self care.

DOCTORAIR Special Advisor
Mr. Koji Uehara

Stylish & compact smart design.Stylish & compact smart design.
Stylish & compact smart design.

Not only the functionality of the tool, but also a simple and stylish design that fits into everyday life. There are four types of irregularities on the surface of the body, and you can approach by choosing the most suitable shape according to the muscle part and training.

User-friendly operation panel

User-friendly operation panel

The number of lit LEDs indicates the currently selected vibration level. In standby mode, the LED lights blue according to the remaining battery level (4 lights: full charge). To turn off the power halfway, press the power button. In addition, even if about 10 minutes have passed since the power was turned on, the power is automatically turned off by the timer.


The vibration level for each item is recommended. Depending on the part, strong vibration may cause tension in the muscles and make it difficult to release. Therefore, use parts with less muscles or parts that hit bones with relatively weak vibration . In addition, if it is difficult to feel weak vibrations in large muscle parts, adjust them to be stronger .
  • Exercise01 Exercise 01

    01 – Calves

    Vibration level 1 to 3 30 to 60 seconds each
    While sitting, hold your hand behind the back and take a stable position. Place several places on the split, from the top of the Achilles tendon to the back of the knee.

  • Exercise02 Exercise 02

    02 – Buttocks

    Vibration level 1 to 4 60 to 90 seconds each
    Place the entire buttocks on one side of the stretch roll and tilt it to open your body about 45 degrees.

  • Exercise03 Exercise 03

    03 – Outer thigh

    Vibration level 1-2 each 30-60 seconds
    Because it is a place where you can feel pain, move it from the buttocks side to the knee side gradually with a weak vibration and hit it to several places to approach the entire thigh.

  • Exercise04 Exercise 04

    04 – Shin

    Vibration level 1 to 2 30 to 60 seconds each
    Approach with a stretch roll on the front side of the shin. Tilt the knee inward about 45 degrees and apply it to avoid the bone.

  • Exercise05 Exercise 05

    05 – Front of thigh

    Vibration level 1 to 3 30 to 60 seconds each
    Extend one leg in a prone position and set a stretch roll at the base of the leg.

  • Exercise06 Exercise 06

    06 – Inner thigh

    Vibration level 1 to 3 60 to 90 seconds each
    Open the hip joint in a prone position, bend the knee about 90 degrees, place the stretch roll vertically in a position parallel to the body, and set it so that the entire inside is on.

  • Exercise07 Exercise 07

    07 – Lower back

    Vibration level 1 to 3 60 to 90 seconds each
    Set and approach the stretch roll so that it hits the position below the scapula (behind the groove) in a supine posture.

  • Exercise08 Exercise 08

    08 – Sides and middle back

    Vibration level 1 to 3 60 to 90 seconds each
    While lying down sideways, set a stretch roll on your body and in a vertical position on your side.


Perfect for quick stretching,
conditioning and self care !

Many people, from the general public to professional athletes, suffer from back pain, shoulder, back tension, and leg pain.
This DOCTORAIR STRETCH ROLL S is the perfect tool for self-care, where muscle stimulation can have a lot of impact on your body just by conditioning yourself and stretching without spending time or effort anytime. This model of this time has 4 types of shapes, so you can select it according to the part you want to hit, and this vibration improves your body to a good state and uses it to prevent injury.

Takashi Uemura DC, ICCSP (International Sports Chiropractic Certified Doctor)
United States Certified Doctor of Chiropractic


Product name
Model No.
Black: SR-002 BK
Blue: SR-002 BL
Red: SR-002 RD
JAN code
Black (SR-002 BK): 4580235555248
Blue (SR-002 BL): 4580235555255
Red (SR-002 RD): 4580235555262
Suggested retail
¥ 19,352 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥ 1,759 (10%)
Power supply
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery 7.4V 2,200mAh
Rated usage time
Approx. 10 min
Approx. 15 min
Level 1: 2,100 times / min
Level 2: 3,000 times / min
Level 3: 3,500 times / min
Level 4: 4,000 times / min
φ 150 x H 320 mm
Polypropylene foam
AC adapter, Instruction manual (with warranty)
Load capacity
Charging time※
3.5 hours
Battery duration※
Max. 180min (at level 1)
Min. 50min (at level 4)
350 times
temperature and
¥19,352 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥ 1,759 (10%)