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“Stretch & sway” to relax your body,
vibrating multi-stretch tool

Ranked No.1 in the
Rakuten Ranking
Category of Relax & Massage Goods
August 8, 2019

“Body cushion” is recommended for the following people

  • Spend long time in a
    forward leaning posture
    due to desk work, PC
    and smartphone
  • Unwind the body
    before start
    exercising, training or
  • Stretch and unwind
    the body easily at
    home or at the office

Stretch your concern areas such as shoulders, back, waist, buttocks, legs

The BODY CUSHION vibrates by pressing the four protrusions on the body against the area of ​​concern to support body conditioning before and after exercise. While vibrating, move your body up / down / left / right or slowly turn your arm to stimulate your muscles.

Simple operation to vibrate by simply applying your body weight on it

Since it pressurizes and vibrates with your body weight, you can use it comfortably in a various situations. In addition, you can choose vibration on/off, so it’s possible to use it according to the condition and part of the body.


Moderate cushioning urethane material and choosable variety of colors

Adopts a cushioning urethane material with good skin contact. Along with improving the fit to various parts such as the neck, shoulders, back, and waist, it has also been made comfortable to sleep. In addition, you can choose from five colors of pink, black, green, blue and brown to your liking.


  • Point01 Point 01

    01 – Shoulder blade

    Lie flat on the back and apply the cushion to the area between the right and left shoulder blades. Lifting the arms will increase the stretch effect.

  • Point02 Point 02

    02 – Armpit

    Lie on the side and apply the cushion to the area from the root of arm to the armpit. At this time, supporting your head with the arm will stabilize the body.

  • Point03 Point 03

    03 – Back to waist

    Apply the cushion to the area from back to waist to give vibration the entire upper body.

  • Point04 Point 04

    04 – Thigh

    Apply the cushion to the area from back to waist to give vibration the entire upper body.

  • Point05 Point 05

    05 – Calf

    Apply the cushion to the back of your calf so that the projections touch the area in pleasing way.

  • Point06 Point 06

    06 – Buttocks

    Sit on the cushion and fit your buttocks between the tailbone at the center.

  • Point07 Point 07

    07 – Sole

    Try applying the projections from different angles and find your own refreshing points.


Product name
Body cushion BC-01
Model No.
Pink : BC-01 PK
Green : BC-01 GN
Blue : BC-01 BL
Brown : BC-01 BR
Black : BC-01 BK
JAN code
Pink (BC-01 PK) :
Green (BC-01 GN) :
Blue (BC-01 BL) :
Brown (BC-01 BR) :
Black (BC-01 BK) :
Suggested retail
¥ 3,960 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥ 360 (10%)
Power supply
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7V 2,200mAh
Rated input
AC100V – 240V 50Hz/60Hz
Rated output
DC 5V 1,000mA
Rated usage time
Approx. 10 min
Approx. 10 min
4,000 times / min
W 266mm × H 113mm × D 232mm
Approx. 660g
Polyurethane, PU foam, ABS
AC adapter, USB cord (Type-C), Instruction manual (with warranty)
Load capacity
Approx. 100kg
Charging time※
3.5 hours
Battery duration※
Approx. 180 min
times ※
350 times
temperature and
10~35℃ 30%RH~85%RH

Follow our recommended usage

※ Actual time and count may vary depending on the usage condition and environment.

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¥3,960 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥ 360 (10%)