SB-003 PK / SB-003 BK
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An exercise tool that can be easily started with a lightweight and compact design.

Do you have any problems like these ?

  • No time to exercise
  • Exercise
    easily at home
  • Exercise goods
    are expensive
“3D SUPER BLADE SMART” is recommended !

Just step on, leads your whole
body in better shape.

Just put 3D SUPER BLADE SMART and your room becomes a full-fledged exercise gym. Powerful vibration emitted from a compact body supports not only the legs, but also the stomach, buttocks, and upper arms, as well as the parts of your body and style. The basic usage is just to keep your posture on the 3D SUPER BLADE SMART, so it’s perfect for those who want to exercise but don’t have a lot of time, or just want to exercise at home.

Powerfully approach the muscles with MAX 840 vibrations /min.

The max vibrations per minute is 840. The vibration speed can be adjusted from 8 levels to suit your preference, and the vibration pattern can be changed from 3 different settings. The fine vibrations transmitted to the body stimulate the wasted flesh. You can adjust the speed and vibration pattern as you like, you’ll never get bored.

Easy to carry, Excellent storability,
Lightweight & compact design.

Just a width of 65cm and a weight of 11.5kg, it takes up less space in the room. Easy to carry it around for any purpose and allows it to be stored in tight spaces. You can choose from two colors to match your interior. In addition, the included dedicated remote control supports stress free and efficient exercise with an intuitive interface and simple operation.
持ち運びしやすく、収納性にも優れた、軽量 & コンパクト設計。

Good value!
Just 1.08 JPY for 30 min of use per day

In order to make it easier for those who have been bothered by the high cost of fitness equipment to consider purchasing it, we have limited the features and made it affordable. Even if you use it for 30 minutes a day, the electricity bill is only about 1.08 yen, so you won’t have to worry about the cost performance on a daily basis.


Examples of exercise positions
  • Exercise01 Exercise 01

    01 – Stomach, Abs(2 minutes)

    Stand on the platform with your feet spread apart as wide as your shoulders. Keep the posture.
  • Exercise02 Exercise 02

    02 – Entire legs(2 minutes)

    Stand on the platform with your feet spread apart as wide as your shoulders. Lower yourself into the squatting position.
  • Exercise03 Exercise 03

    03 – Buttocks(1 minute left and right)

    Place one leg on the platform as if you were sitting on the platform, then extend the other leg backwards and keep it in a position where you can feel your buttocks stretching comfortably.
  • Exercise04 Exercise 04

    04 – The back of the thigh(1 minute left and right)

    Step on the platform slightly shifted from the center, with your main foot and relax. To enhance the exercise, lunge forward with one leg, placing more body weight onto the platform.
  • Exercise05 Exercise 05

    05 – Upper arms(2 minutes left and right)

    Sit with your back to the main unit. Sit down your back does not reach the unit and place your hand with your elbows bent on the platform.
Supports exercise with simple and intuitive operation.


Product name
Model No.
Pink: SB-003 PK
Black: SB-003 BK
JAN code
Pink (SB-003 PK): 4580235555316
Black (SB-003 BK): 4580235555309
Suggested retail
¥ 40,537 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥ 3,685 (10%)
Rated input
5-30 min. (5 minute intervals)
Default: 15 min.
Max: 480 times/min.
Min: 840 times/min.
W650 x H350 x D150mm
Remote control, Power cord, Instruction manual, Warranty card,
Coin battery CR2025 (for remote control)
Load capacity
When installing the power cord, a ground connection is required.
  • SB-003 PK
  • SB-003 BK
¥40,537 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥ 3,685(10%)