MN-02 BE / MN-02 GR
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3D NECK MASSAGER TATAKI is recommended for the following people

  • To relieve stiffness in shoulders and back
  • Prefer “tapping”
  • To get a
    massage easily

Equipped with powerful and rhythmic tapping.
Depending on the conditions of the day, you can use a combination of three strengths and three taps.

Powerful specifications make you satisfied.
Offer you powerful massage that cannot be achieved with rechargeable batteries.

3-levels intensity
You can choose the intensity as you prefer; weak, medium or strong. It can be used on the shoulders as well as the hips, so you can start with low level and gradually get used to it.

The three modes make it feel as if you’re being tapped by someone !

Choose from 3-modes
It has three modes with different rhythms. You can use it in the mode that best suits your body’s condition.
  • Mode 1
    Rhythmically tapping both shoulders at the same time with a constant speed and intensity
  • Mode 2
    Left and right alternately → tap both shoulders at the same time → tap continuously in the left and right changes
  • Mode 3
    Both shoulders at the same time→Tap continuously with left and right changes→Tap both shoulders at the same time Mode 2 has more variation in speed and strength than Mode 2.

The design is both powerful and compact and blends in with the interior. It can be used without any sense of discomfort in your everyday living space.

Compact size
With a fabric that blends well with your interior and a compact design, it won’t interfere with your room’s atmosphere.

It can be used not only on the neck and shoulders, but also on the back and hips
The perfect gift for those who are concerned about muscle stiffness.

The wide touch surface of the tapping will relieve stiffness comfortably even for men.

Antibacterial specifications for everyday use.

Testing body:
Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center
Test method:
Bacterium liquid-absorbing method regulated in JIS L 1902: 2015
Antibacterial method and location:
Soaking the cloth of pad section in antibacterial processing agent
Test result:
Antibacterial activity value of 2.0 or greater


  • Q

    What’s the difference between a neck massager and a 3D NECK MASSAGER S (MN-03) ?

    The 3D NECK MASSAGER S (MN-03) is a rotating type finger pressure massage, but this product is a tapping type massager.

  • Q

    Why isn’t it rechargeable ?

    A large solenoid is used to reproduce the powerful sledgehammering effect.
    Therefore, since the rechargeable type does not have enough power, we have adopted the AC cord type of 100V DC power supply.

  • Q

    How much will my electricity bill be ?

    If 60W is used for 10 minutes a day for 30 days, it costs about 8.1 yen. (Calculated at 27 yen per kWh)

  • Q

    What is the length of the cord ?

    It is 1.8 meters.

  • Q

    What is the difference between the traditional massage machine and a massage machine ?

    Unlike conventional massage using a rotating massage ball, this is a massager that vibrates rhythmically with the weight of a large solenoid, expressing the feeling of being tapped with a human fist.

  • Q

    What’s the difference between 3D MASSAGE SEAT PREMIUM (MS-002) and 3D MASSAGE SEAT tapping function ?

    Each has a different structure and a different experience.
    Massage Sheet Premium (MS-02) is a rotating type of massage ball.
    The massage sheet (MS-04) has a structure in which the arm moves back and forth.
    The neck massager tapping (MN-03) is a method of moving the weight part back and forth using a solenoid.

  • Q

    What is the recommended daily use ?

    It’s 10 minutes per location, including shoulders and hips. (The timer stops it automatically.)

  • Q

    Is it okay to use it on something other than the shoulder ?
    And what are the effects of using too much ?

    Aside from the shoulders, I recommend the back, hips, and buttocks.
    Do not use it on the front of the neck or head.
    Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the product to ensure proper use.

  • Q

    Why are there three levels ?

    Each person’s feeling of strength is different depending on the degree of muscle stiffness in the shoulders and hips, etc., so you can choose from low, medium and high

  • Q

    Why are there three different modes ?
    And what are the differences between the two?

    There are three types of massage available, so you can enjoy the massage according to your physical condition that day.
    Mode 1 massages in a constant rhythm, while Mode 2 and Mode 3 changes the rhythm, speed, and intensity of tapping.


Product name
Model No.
Beige:MN-02 BE
Gray:MN-02 GR
JAN code
Beige (MN-02 BE):4580235555743
Gray (MN-02 GR):4580235555750
Suggested retail
¥9,800 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥891(10%)
General name
Home electric massager
Medical device
Managed medical equipment
Medical device
Power supply
AC100V 50/60Hz
Rated power
Approx. 10 min.
W 360 × H 90 × D 660mm
About 1.53kg
Count of
Mode 1:150(±10%)times/min
Mode 2:220(±10%)times/min
Mode 3:170(±10%)times/min
The colors on the screen may differ from the actual product depending on the environment you are using.

This product is a managed medical device.

Intended use and effects

Substitute for massage. Intended to be used at home.

  • Fatigue recovery
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Recover from muscle fatigue
  • Relieve muscle stiffness
  • Relieve nerve pain and muscle ache

¥9,800 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥890(10%)