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A powerful vibration massage tool that easily eliminates daily fatigue and stiff shoulders.

Why not use a massage tool to solve your daily fatigue and worries?

  • Tired every day

    Recover from daily fatigue,
    improve blood circulation

    Relaxing massage in bed

  • Stiff shoulders

    Loosen tight shoulders

    Shoulder massage with assist cover

  • Neuralgia, muscle pain

    Relieve the nerve pain and muscle pain

    Back massage

  • I want to deepen the exercise effect

    Relieve muscle stiffness and
    deepen the effect of exercise

    Yoga and stretching support

But I’m sick of the traditional,
large and distracting massage tools …
Now, the massager is more smart and casual usage !
A compact and powerful
massage tool.

Massage freely anywhere
in the body.

Just press the uneven shape on the part of your body that you care about. You can massage just 8.5cm in diameter by sandwiching it on the side or back of the knee, so you can use it to care for areas that are difficult to care for yourself. With high-speed vibration of up to 10,000 times in 3 minutes, muscles of the whole body are loosened from the core and blood circulation is improved. Because there is no need to move the body, powerful massage is possible in a relaxed state.

Massage freely anywhere in the body.
On thighs and buttocksFor waist, back and scapulaOn the waist

Simple operation and
selectable vibration mode.

The operation method is simple and just press the function button, so you can start using immediately without complicated operation. The ON / OFF of the power, as well as the switching of the vibration mode can be operated with only the function buttons, so anyone can use it easily.

The mode changes each time the function button is pressed. 〈Mode 1〉─ 2,300 times / minute
〈Mode 2〉─ 2,700 times / minute
〈Mode 3〉─ Vibration changes in rotation.
〈Mode 4〉─ 3,700 times / minute
〈Power off〉─ Long press the button to turn off the power

Simple operation and selectable vibration mode.

With the assist cover offers greater variety of use.

Even if it is difficult to reach, you can use with the assist cover to grip the handles at both ends, so you can use it even when sitting or standing, even for hard-to-reach parts such as neck, shoulder blade, back, waist Fits tightly.

The included assist cover expands usage.

Powerful massage everywhere.

Easy to carry around. It can be carried around to travel destinations or offices, and you can easily massage anywhere, anytime. With a large capacity battery, it can be used for up to 180 minutes.

Powerful massage everywhere.
Stylish design that is compatible with room coordination.

Stylish design that is compatible with room coordination.

The color variations are abundant 5 colors as black, green, orange, pink and gray. You can choose your favorite color regardless of gender according to the use scene.

This product is a managed medical device.

Intended use and effects

Substitute for massage. Intended to be used at home.

  • ・Fatigue recovery
  • ・Improve blood circulation
  • ・Recover from muscle fatigue
  • ・Relieve muscle stiffness
  • ・Relieve nerve pain and muscle ache


Product name
Model No.
Black :MR-001 BK
Pink :MR-001 PK
Orange :MR-001 OR
Green :MR-001 GN
Gray :MR-001 GR
JAN code
Black(MR-001 BK):4580235554883
Pink(MR-001 PK):4580235554920
Orange(MR-001 OR):4580235554913
Green(MR-001 GN):4580235554890
Gray(MR-001 GR):4580235554906
Suggested retail
¥9,981 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax¥907(10%)
General name
Household electric massager
Medical device
Controlled medical device
Medical device
Power supply
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery 7.4V 2,200mAh
AC100V ~ 50-60Hz
Rated power
About 15 min.
Low: 2,300 (± 300) times / min
Medium: 2,700 (± 300) times / min
High: 3,700 (± 300) times / min
D 85 x H 310 mm
ABS, EVA, Polyester
AC adapter, Assist cover, Instruction manual (with warranty)
Charging time※
Approx. 3 hours
Battery duration *
MAX : approx. 180 min. (at vibration level low)
MIN : approx. 90 min. (at vibration level high)
times *
Approx. 450 times
temperature and
+10~+40℃ 30~85%RH
temperature and
-20~+60℃ 10~95%RH
  • black
  • green
  • Orange
  • pink
  • gray
¥9,981 (tax included)
Of which, consumption tax ¥907(10%)

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