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You might be concerned ?
If you leave them, it will cause poor performance..

  • Staying in the same
    posture for a long time
  • Lack of exercise,
    out of shape
  • Looking for travel-friendly
    fitness goods for
    business trip
to relieve
your daily fatigue and to make self-stretching easier

Easy self-stretching to heal daily

3D CONDITIONING BALL can help you feel your daily fatigue just by pressing the body that vibrates finely, such as stiff shoulders and neck stiffness, poor performance during sports, the same posture for long periods of time, chronic exercise deficiency, etc. Heal and condition.
Spherical form and characteristic block pattern that pursues fit and sound absorption, firmly approach the point where self-care is difficult, and vibration reaches the deep part of the muscle directly.

4,000 vibration exercises per minute.

With a compact body and powerful vibration function, you can choose the vibration that is most suitable for self-stretching from 4 levels: 2,500 times, 3,000 times, 3,500 times, 4,000 times per minute. It also approaches areas that are difficult to loosen by stretching alone, helping to recover muscle fatigue.
In addition, by using the including assist cover, 3D CONDITIONING BALL can reach the shoulders, shoulder blades, back and hips for easy care.

User-friendly simple operation

Press the button once, shows remaining battery level. Press again, starts vibrating. Simple operation help your self stretching.

Compact size that can be easily carried around.

In addition to sufficient vibration and quietness, it features a compact size that makes it easy to carry outside of your home for travel, business trips, and top athlete expeditions.


  • Exercise01 Exercise 01

    01 – Calves

    Sit with legs stretched straight, and approach the area from calf to ankle region.

  • Exercise02 Exercise 02

    02 – Back of knee

    Sit with legs stretched straight, and approach the back of knee.

  • Exercise03 Exercise 03

    03 – Hamstring

    Sit with legs stretched straight, and approach the area from the base of thigh to the back of knee.

  • Exercise04 Exercise 04

    04 – Glutes

    Sit with legs stretched straight, and approach the glutes

  • Exercise05 Exercise 05

    05 – Hip joint

    Place below your hip bone and approach the inner side of pelvis.

  • Exercise06 Exercise 06

    06 – Armpit

    Lie on the side and approach the area a bit back from the armpit.

  • Exercise07 Exercise 07

    07 – Forearm

    Hold the ball in your hand, and approach the forearm (in and outside) of the other hand.

  • Exercise08 Exercise 08

    08 – Base of thumb

    Hold the ball in your hand and approach the base of the opposite thumb.

With assist cover
With the included assist cover, you can easily use it on the shoulders, shoulder blades, back, waist, etc.
Please apply your weight on the product slowly when using it. When using it on the wrist or arm, please keep the vibration low and avoid using it for long periods of time.


This product can be used widely from professional athletes to the general public.

3D conditioning balls are products that can be used widely from professional athletes to the general public. The vibration is transmitted to the muscle, and it can be approached like a trigger point from a thick muscle part that is difficult to loosen by stretching alone to a small muscle that is frequently used, and helps to restore muscle fatigue.
In addition, although it is compact and easy to carry, it is surprising that it has enough vibration and is quiet. I would like you to try it once.

Takashi Uemura DC,ICCSP(International Sports Chiropractic Certified Doctor)
United States Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

An effective tool for maintaining day-to-day conditioning.

The 3D conditioning ball has a spherical shape with the effective vibration of the stretch roll, making it possible to give deeper and more stable stimulation. In particular, it has a spherical feature such as the buttocks, calves, shoulders, and back of the waist, so it can work well. It is an effective tool for maintaining daily conditioning, such as for athletes who overwork with intense exercise, as well as for office workers who put a strain on muscles in the same posture during desk work, and for those who ride in cars. I have introduced it as a handy and useful tool for my top athletes and expedition.

Tomonori Kawai DC,ICCSP(International Sports Chiropractic Certified Doctor)
United States Certified Doctor of Chiropractic


Product name
3D conditioning ball CB-01
Model No.
Black: CB-01 BK
JAN code
Black (CB-01 BK): 4580235555552
Suggested retail
¥12,800(tax included) Consumption tax ¥1,163(10%)
Power supply
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery 7.4V 2,200mAh
Rated input
100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated output
DC 9V 1,000mA
Rated power
Rated usage time
Approx. 5 min
Level 1: 2,500 (± 300) times / min
Level 2: 3.000 (± 300) times / min
Level 3: 3,500 (± 350) times / min
Level 4: 4,000 (± 400) times / min
Φ122 mm
Exterior: Silicon resin, Main unit: ABS resin
AC adapter, assist cover, instruction manual (with warranty)
Load capacity
Charging time※
Approx. 3 hours
Battery duration※
[Max] Approx. 180 min. (vibration level 1)
[Min] Approx. 90 min. (vibration level 4)
Approx. 500 times
temperature and
※ Actual time and count may vary depending on the usage environment and condition.
¥12,800 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax ¥1,163(10%)