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Arms are more tired
than expected.

  • Prolonged use of
    PC or smartphone
  • Carrying heavy stuff
  • Muscle fatigue by workout
“ARM PRESSURE” is recommended for those who have such problems.

Supports recovery from arm fatigue.

Arms are parts of the body that are constantly used in daily life. Arms continue to be overworked in recent years due to daily movements such as carrying luggage and holding children, and using computers and smartphones for a long time in recent years. Arm pressure is useful when you feel tired in such an arm. Just by wearing it, it can be used as a tool to support recovery from arm fatigue, from daily life to post-exercise and sports care. Also, by holding the muscles firmly, it is also effective in reducing the load on the arm during exercise.

Seamless construction and
multi step pressure
provides comfort.

The seamless seamless structure and the “multi-stage compression” that knit the compression according to the parts realize comfortable wearing comfort. For the fabric, we adopt a special thread kneaded with nano-germanium.

UV shielding rate is 99.9%.

It protects sensitive skin from ultraviolet rays when worn outdoors because of the 99.9% ultraviolet shielding rate that makes it difficult for sunlight to pass through.

How to use

How to use

<Example of wearin g> Wear as the “D mark” come at the inside of the arm.


Product name
Model No.
M size: AAP-01M BK
L size: AAP-01L BK
JAN code
M size (AAP-01M BK): 4580235555873
L size (AAP-01L BK): 4580235555880
retail price
¥ 3,340 (tax included)
Consumption tax ¥303(10%)
M size: W 360 x upper arm 90㎜ x wrist 80 ㎜
L size: W 380 x upper arm 90 ㎜ x wrist 80 ㎜
Approx. 53g /pair
Nylon, Polyurethane

◎ The following people, please consult your doctor before use ・High blood pressure
・Person with impaired internal organ system
・Person who has had blood circulation disorder.

◎ Please do not wear this product in two layers.

◎ During use, or after use,
Discontinue use if you feel itching or pain.

◎ Dark colored objects may lose color if rubbed in the wet state.
In addition, please wash separately from other things as color transfer may occur.

◎ Be sure to use a washing net when washing.

* The colors on the screen may differ from the actual ones depending on the usage environment of the customer.
¥3,340 (tax included)
Of which consumption tax¥303(10%)

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